Beta Roadmap

It’s still very early days at Eefio. During this early adopter beta period, some things will be rough around the edges. Or… just fully not built yet! But in the spirit of transparency, here are some of the things that we definitely have planned to build, sooner than later.

(The order of this list is not necessarily the order that we’ll build these features.)

This is the most urgent thing, and it’s already being built. We know that the catalog is very difficult to navigate through using just the pagination. Expect search in the next few days.
Wishlist / Add to catalog
The Eefio catalog is far from complete. We want learn from you which books to add to it. Soon, you’ll be able to give us a URL (Amazon, or otherwise), and we’ll go find the book and enter it into our catalog for you and others to reserve.
More and better metadata
Searching by a book’s title is a good start. But what about that one book which was written by that one person… kind of searches? We want you to be able to bop around between books and discover new ones, based on the books’ metadata. Writer. Artists. Publisher. Characters. Story arc. Crossovers. Etc.
Easier #readlater list ordering
Drag and drop to re-order your #readlater list to get the books you want, in the order you want.
High quality and more of them.
Delivery tracking
Email notifcations when your delivery ships out to you, tracking number, when your return package is delivered back to us.
Like a book from your hold so much that you want to keep it? Sounds good to us. We’ll build a system where you can click a buy now button on any for any of the books in your possession, we’ll charge your card on file some percentage of the books’s cover price, then you can keep it.
Staff picks and recomending reading lists
Suggestions from us or mixtapes made by people we like or who have great taste. Thematic reading lists. Netflix style recomendations, if you like XYZ, you’ll like these twenty books, maybe.
We’re experimenting with what the price of the subscription could/should be. We’re also experimenting with ways to bring down the shipping costs. Do you have an opinion about how much it should cost each month and how many books subscribers should get at a time? We’d love to hear what you think.
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