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What is Eefio? #

It’s like Rent the Runway, but for comic books!

Eefio is a service to rent comic books/graphic novels and get them delivered directly to your home.

❤️ Maybe you love reading comic books and you want access to more…
🤨 Maybe you’re kind of curious about comics but don’t want to commit quite yet…
🍿 Maybe you’ve seen some movies and want to check out the source material…
📚 Maybe you don’t have the storage space for any/more comics…
💰 Maybe you want to try before you buy
🚗 Maybe you don’t live near a comic shop…

…if so, Eefio is here to help!

How does Eefio work? #

Do you remember how Netflix shipped DVDs to people’s homes? Or do you know about how Rent the Runway works these days? It’s like that. But with comic books.

  • Step 1
    You build list of comics that you want to #readlater
  • Step 2
    We ship comics to you from your #readlater list
  • Step 3
    You read the comics
  • Step 4
    You ship the comics back to us in the provided packaging
  • Step 5
    Rinse and repeat
  • Why are we making Eefio? #

    In short, because we love comics!

    We love reading comics. We love sharing comics. We love discussing comics. We love the experience of comics, but we don’t love the possession of comics.

    Eefio is built upon the idea that there are other people who also love reading comics, but who don’t want to or can’t own anymore stuff.

    People who want to get the experience of reading comics, exploring new titles, catching up on old titles from the archives, but who aren’t collectors who care about the mint condition of the books they read. People who want more bang for their buck.

    So if you feel as we feel, and if you would read as we read, then we ask you to signup for the waitlist to become a member of Eefio.

    When can you use Eefio? #


    Who makes Eefio? #

    Shane Becker is the creator of Eefio.

    He can be found on Twitter, Instagram, GitHub, and his personal website.

    His favorite comics include: Batman: Hush, Invincible, Lumberjanes, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, Mouse Guard, Ms Marvel, New X-Men, Paper Girls, Rat Queens, Saga, Spider-Man: Blue, The New Avengers, Y: The Last Man, and Young Avengers

    In recent years, he organized Farmhouse Conf, lived/ traveled in 80 square feet of Volkswagen Vanagon, and defeated cancer. These days he lives in San Francisco, California.

    For 20 years, he has built products or led teams at HOVER, Mode, Quantstamp, Happily, AT&T Interactive, Engine Yard, VMware, and others. He has helped grow open source communities: Rubinius, Indie Web, and Microformats.

    Advisors #

    Elise Worthy

    CEO, Kids on 45th

    Bookis Worthy

    CTO, Kids on 45th